More hanging project storage

The past month has been craaazy for me, and I haven’t really been crafting much.  However, I did manage to finish up all the bags I wanted to make for my hanging project storage system.  Before it looked like this.  Now it looks like this:

Craft Wall UpdateA little eclectic, but much less plastic, which I’m quite happy with.  The three center bags were made following these tutorials: brown bag, blue and white bag, blue-green bag.

I liked all three patterns a lot, but I discovered that if you’re going to be hanging your bag, drawstrings are not a good idea as the bag hangs too low.  I also wanted larger bags for larger projects, so I came up with my own design based on scaled-up versions of my favorite features of the aforementioned patterns (both outer bags — the left one has interfacing while the right one does not, which is why they look a bit different).

As for what I have in the bags, from left to right:

Dragon projectA dragon puppet from a kit I’ve been working on for ages.  I’d like to have it and it’s matching knight puppet done by Christmas, but I rarely think to work on it, so I’m hoping that having it on the wall will help.

Headband projectA knitted lace headband that just needs a few finishing touches (namely connecting it into a circle) before being photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.  My camera was not cooperating today, so it doesn’t really show, but the yarn is sparkly gold.

Socks projectSupplies for a pair of cabled, knee-high socks for me. As you can see, I’ve barely started them, and already I need to rip back since I realized my calculations were off…

Washcloth projectAbout a fifth of a cotton dishcloth with a dragon pattern.  I have quite a bit of cotton yarn that I’ve been wondering how to use, and a lot of people seem to use it for dishcloths.  I’ve never used it for that before, so I’m testing it out (with my white since I’d like to know how much it stains as well as how good it is at cleaning).

The last bag has a couple of greeting cards that need a few finishing touches before being listed in my Etsy shop.  No photo at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll have one later.

So far this method of storage has worked really well for me — I actually finished all my mending that I’d been putting off for ages yesterday so I had room for another project!


Hanging Project Storage

I recently saw a really interesting post on ravelry, talking about organizing projects using a whiteboard to keep track of ongoing projects and bags hanging on hooks to hold the projects, and immediately started thinking about how I could make it work for me.  I tend to start more projects than I finish, and individual projects often languish for long periods of time without any progress (and sometimes I even forget they exist….).

I decided to put five nails (angled slightly upward so bag handles don’t slide off) in a row above my desk to hang project bags on.  Instead of a whiteboard to organize the projects, I wrote the name of the project in marker on a scrap of paper and punched a hole at the top of the scrap to hang it on the nail with my project bag — I felt this would be easier to keep track of for me.

HangingBagOrganizerAs you can see, the two bags on the left are cloth bags, while the other three are sturdy plastic bags. The plastic bags are fine, but since I want to be able to grab a bag and take it with me, they’re not ideal — they’re very crinkly sounding for working during meetings or on the bus. I’ve just been to the local used craft supply place and picked up some cheap fabric to make some less noisy bags.

My plan is to put every project in a bag, and not start a new project until I have an open nail for it to hang on (if somehow I have a project that won’t fit, I plan on just hanging the label on a nail to take up that space). What I have there now is, sadly, not all of my ongoing projects. I have at least three more that need to make it up on the wall once I clear out some of the current ones (such as the giant bag on the right labeled “Mending”….I’m hoping that having it blocking me from starting a new project will give me motivation to finish those boring but necessary tasks).

….wait, is it cheating if I’m planning on making some project bags for the wall and don’t currently have a bag on the wall to put them in?