Finishing Lily’s Sweater

I knit my dog, Lily, a sweater a little over a year ago, making up the pattern as I went along. It fit remarkably well (she’s wearing it in my avatar), except that the belly was a little bit too loose. It was nice that it went over her head and forelegs easily, but her back legs would sometimes get caught in the sweater.¬† I’ve been meaning to make her a belt ever since…

The belt itself is a narrow band of sideways herringbone stitch.


Then I picked up stitches for belt loops and knitted a narrow band just long enough to contain  the belt. I attached the ends to the sweater with something vaguely resembling kitchener stitch.


I marked the different parts of the final product in this picture because they blend together so well (which I’m quite happy about).


Here’s Lily modeling the finished project!¬† She’s slightly less happy about it than I am, but that might have something to do with me putting her in a wool sweater on a warm spring day to check the fit…