About Me

I’ve been making things ever since I was little, and have taught myself many different techniques with many different mediums (I tend to get bored if I try to stick to just one thing!).  In the past 3-4 years I haven’t been doing nearly as much as I used to, and so I recently decided to start making more time for crafting.  Since I made that decision, however, I’ve discovered one downside to no longer being a kid living with your parents — you don’t have a captive audience to ooh and ahh over what you’ve made.  Naturally I decided the solution was to start a blog.

I’m planning to use this blog primarily to show off what I’m currently working on and what I’ve completed, but I’ll probably also share some tutorials and talk about some creative but not necessarily “crafty” things that I do (cooking, for example).  There will also undoubtedly be pictures of my dog, as she’s too dang cute not to share 😉


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