2015 (yarn) stash flash and plans

Over on Ravelry, there’s a thread every year to show off your yarn stash.  I figured it’d be fun to show off what I have here (at least the bits that aren’t in WIPs) and talk a little bit about my plans for said yarn this year.

I will preface this by saying I have a fairly small stash and I like it that way — I’m finding that I prefer to buy enough for several projects in one go, and not buy yarn without a project in mind.

2015 Stash FlashI also labeled it by weight because I was a bit surprised by the nice variety of weights I have:

2015 Stash Flash w labelsOne of my big goals this year in terms of my knitting and crochet is to get through a lot of my old yarn that I bought without a project in mind.  I’d also like to make several of the projects I bought yarn for last year, as well, of course!  At the moment, I’ve got 13 skeins or partial skeins of yarn that were not bought with a particular project in mind, and 24 skeins or partial skeins that were bought with a project in mind (plus two partial skeins of black and white acrylic that are designated scrap yarn).


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