What to do with origami paper you no longer want, part 2

Back when I was doing a lot of origami, I picked up a pack of this rainbow paper:

11-12-14 PaperUnfortunately, it’s not the best for origami, as inevitably you get a lot of red and blue showing but not a lot of the rainbow.  I was looking at it recently, thinking how it’d be a really easy way to make rainbow paper beads.

I made some large oblong ones and some itty bitty round ones (with my hand for size reference):

11-12-14 ScaleHowever, I can’t decide which type I like better.  What do you all think?


Rug, week 6

This past week, I’ve taken the rug with me on a couple of days when I knew I was going to be sitting around for quite a while.  I ended up putting in about 3,000 stitches on each of those days!

Rug Wk 6It’s now big enough that I’ve been leaving it on the floor when I’m not working on it.

Also, I realized I’ve not linked to the pattern in my last couple of updates.  It’s the Ocean Currents Rug, just a little bit larger (details on my Ravelry project page if anyone else is thinking of doing similar).

I can’t believe I’m saying this…

…but I’m getting kind of sick of blue.

I’ve made quite a lot of progress on my cross stitch in the past couple of weeks:

11-7-14 Morning FlightHowever, most of it is in that bottom right section that’s so. much. blue.  The shades are super close and a bit annoying to keep track of…

11-7-14 Morning Flight closeupOn the other hand, some of the sections are fully filled in and I’m getting closer and closer to changing to the next color!

Hardanger embroidery

Today’s post brought to you by the serendipitous discovery of both a hardanger tutorial on YouTube and hardanger cloth in my cross stitch fabric stash.

11-5-14 HardangerIt was my first time doing any sort of cut work embroidery, but I think it came out really well and it didn’t take very long.  I did adapt the tutorial slightly, as I wanted my piece a little bit larger than it would have come out, and I wanted to preserve a section of the cut and pulled threads show the texture.  I highly recommend the tutorial if you’re interested in giving hardanger a try!

Rug, week 5

I missed last week’s rug update due to being sick over the weekend, but I did manage to do some work on it that weekend and some this week (plus I wove in all the ends).

Rug Wk 5It’s finally big enough that I can really step on it and feel how it’ll be — it’s super squishy!  I was a bit worried it’d be too thin since it’s knit, but the slip stitch rib gives it a lot more bulk than I was anticipating.