Morning Flight Cross-Stitch

Several years ago, I bought myself a cross stitch kit (specifically, this one).  I did some work on it, but kind of lost focus and haven’t worked on it in literally years.

Recently I pulled it out and decided I didn’t love the way it had been shaping up, so I pulled out the little work I’d done and restarted.  I also decided I wanted to put in a grid of thread to make counting easier.  So far, all I’ve gotten done is that grid…

Eagle Cross Stitch 1As you may be able to see, I started by doing about even amounts of thread on the top and bottom and cut a new thread each time.  Then I got smart and started keeping most of my thread on top and using longer pieces of thread.  The cloth is quite a bit wrinkled at the moment, but I’m not worried about it — it will get creased as I work on it, and straighten up when I wash it and frame it.


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