Rug, week 1

It’s been a while since I last updated (major understatement).  In that time I’ve moved to a new apartment with faux hardwood floors, which means I need some sort of area rug, but I didn’t like any of the commercial ones I found at a reasonable price.  Naturally the solution is to knit one. (Naturally for me, anyway.  Maybe not for anyone else.)

I’m using the Ocean Currents rug pattern I found on Ravelry — it’s a great pattern, but the original rug was made with yarn the designer dyed and spun herself specifically for the rug.  I opted for cheap acrylic as I’m trying to get this done in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price.

This is the result of my first week of knitting:

Rug Wk 1

The colors aren’t quite as nice of a gradient as I would like — because I am using Red Heart, I have a limited color palette to choose from.  Interestingly, every time I start a new color (so far I’ve used four of the five I will use in total) I’ve hated it and thought it was way too extreme of a color change.  However, when I come back the next morning and look at it, I think it looks pretty good.

Rug Wk 1b


2 thoughts on “Rug, week 1

    • Thanks! I’m really excited about it, too. I’ve added the fifth color now and am about to finish the first chart! (Of, like, 8 or possibly 11 if I decide to do another repeat to make it larger.)

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