DIY Niddy Noddy the Really Lazy Way

I have a couple of skeins of yarn that need to be made into hanks for washing and/or dying. In the past, I’ve done this sort of thing on my forearm, but I wanted these hanks to be bigger, meaning that I wanted a niddy noddy. There’s a lot of instructions out there for a PVC niddy noddy (for example), but that would have required leaving the house to buy supplies, and it just wasn’t that sort of day.

I dug out a sturdy cardboard box and cut a 18″ x 4″ piece. Because a hank of yarn is four times the length of the niddy noddy on which it was wound, this will give me a 2 yard hank. Then I scored the piece lengthwise and folded it into a square column for the central bar of the niddy noddy.NiddyNoddyStep2

Next, I cut two 12″ x 3″ pieces and turned them into triangular columns for the cross pieces. NiddyNoddyStep3Then I cut triangular notches in the ends of the central column (note that these notches should be at 90 degree angles to each other and should fit the triangular cross pieces).NiddyNoddyStep4Finally, I wrapped all the pieces with duct tape to ensure that my yarn wouldn’t snag on any rough cut edges of the cardboard and taped the cross pieces into the notches of the central bar.NiddyNoddyStep5The finished product:WoundNiddyNoddyThe only downside to this niddy noddy (well, aside from looking really blah) is that the cross pieces will bend if you aren’t careful to wrap your yarn loosely. If I were going to be using this regularly, I’d probably go ahead and make a PVC niddy noddy, but since I don’t expect to be winding often, this works just fine for me.


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