Mr. Rex

In order to kick off this blog, I’m showing off a project I finally finished after working on it off and on for over two years.

My grandmother gave my family a number of craft kits years ago that I’ve been gradually working my way through.  This particular kit was for a 20 inch tall soft-sculpture Tyrannosaurus rex, designed by Michelle Lipson in 1976.  Slightly scary to think that the fabric is probably older than I am!

Printed fabricAs you can see, the pre-printed fabric that came in the kit was huge.  That’s a queen-sized bed it’s lying on!  This was back in June 2011.



Part of the reason this project took me so long was that for a large part of it, I was hand sewing everything.  Once I decided to buy a sewing machine in January 2013, the rest started to come together much faster.

Rex04Mid stuffing.  It’s Einstein Rex!

Rex05Here he is!

Rex06All finished, in August 2013.

Rex07I think he came out pretty cool — I love the detailed print on his face.

Rex08His tiny arms are so cute!  (They were such a pain to turn and stuff, though!)

Rex09I think my favorite part is his back feet, though.  They came out amazingly well — I was really worried about being able to turn the claws, but they came out way better than I’d hoped.

I’m so glad I finally finished this project and I can’t believe it actually took me more than two years!  Of course, now I have to find a spot for a 20″ T. rex somewhere in my apartment….

Anyone else finish a crazy long project recently, or am I the only one who lets stuff drag on this long?


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